Donna Vorreyer

Through the years, back and forth like a pendulum,
we dance in a peculiar rhythm. We are attached
to each other by some stiff piece of wire—when one

moves, the other responds. We miss each other like
a sun and a moon never fully risen at the same time.
I have rooted myself here while you wander the roofs

of the world. I wanted to live burning, burning—but
I have settled for straddling the fence, content with
my wife, my books, my dinner parties. You live clumsy

and magical, tucked into rose-colored mountains.
Now I live in the castle we vowed to tear down, so
throw stones at the windows for me. This is only one
of many times that we will break.

“From Far Away, He Answers” was published in the 2014 edition of The Labletter. This poem is part of a series inspired by the letters of Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell.

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