Watercolor by Kathryn Spratt
March 2017

Guitar Man 2, watercolor by Kathryn Spratt

—from a series of Monthly Notes that explores music, curated by Jared Pearce

Photograph by Kyle Hemmings
January 2017

Guitar Man 2, photograph by Kyle Hemmings

—from a series of Monthly Notes that explores music, curated by Jared Pearce

Pen, ink, and graphite on bristol by Aimee Bungard
May 2016

Spring Cleaning; pen, ink, and graphite on bristol by Aimee Bungard

Photograph by Nancy Fewkes
January 2016

from 'Notes Along a Shallow Margin', photograph by Nancy Fewkes

Acrylic/collage on canvas, 48" x 36"
Josh Talbott
November 2015

The Eternal, acrylic/collage by Josh Talbott

Untitled photograph by Jennifer McClure
July 2015

from the series

Photograph by Frank Hallam Day
June 2015

Ship Hull #18, photograph by Frank Hallam Day

Oil on canvas, 30" x 30"
Samantha Haring
March 2015

Discard, oil on canvas by Samantha Haring

Oil on birch panel, 36" x 48"
Robert Porazinski
February 2015

Hybrid IV, oil on birch panel by Robert Porazinski

Photograph by Tina Leto
December 2014

Dandelion Seeds, photograph by Tina Leto

Oil on panel, 14" x 11.75"
Brett Eberhardt
September 2014

A History of Painting, oil on panel by Brett Eberhardt

Two prints by Megan Sterling
August 2014

Above Water; etching, woodcut, and monotype by Megan Sterling Hollow Roots; woodcut, monotype, and silkscreen by Megan Sterling

Above Water
Etching, woodcut, and monotype
20" x 8"

Hollow Roots
Woodcut, monotype, and silkscreen
19" x 8.5"

Oil on panel, 17" x 17"
Bo Bartlett
June 2014

Soap, oil on panel by Bo Bartlett

Oil/alkyd with paper on canvas, 60" x 60"
Katherine Ace
April 2014

Tales from the Ground Up, oil/alkyd with paper on canvas by Katherine Ace

Oil on wood, 35" x 30"
Irene Hardwicke Olivieri
March 2014

Subterranean Family, oil on wood panel by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

Watercolor, graphite, and pen and ink on Arches paper in bound volume; open book size: 4 x 12 in.
Charles Ritchie
February 2014

Three Snow Studies; watercolor, graphite, and pen and ink on Arches paper in bound volume by Charles Ritchie

Oil on wood panel, 16" x 20"
Leeah Joo
October 2013

Flight of the Crane Wives, oil on wood panel by Leeah Joo

a collection of photos presented courtesy of The Pablove Foundation
June 2013

Untitled photograph by Emmanuel, age 10Emmanuel, age 10, Los Angeles

Pablove Shutterbugs, a program of The Pablove Foundation, teaches children living with cancer to develop their creative voice through the art of photography. The attached portfolio features photos taken by Shutterbugs students during the eight-week mentorship program currently offered in New York and Los Angeles. For more information about The Pablove Foundation and Pablove Shutterbugs, please visit www.pablove.org and www.pablove.org/shutterbugs.

View portfolio

Acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12"
Ben Cowan
April 2013

Neighbors (Caress), acrylic on canvas by Ben Cowan

Oil on canvas, 30" x 40"
Marion Kryczka
February 2013

Alley and El in Light Snow, oil on canvas by Marion Kryczka

Oil on canvas, 22" x "24"
Emily Rapport
December 2012

Self Portrait with Robot, oil on canvas by Emily Rapport

Oil on canvas, 60" x 60"
Oscar Martinez
September 2012

Everything Is Now A Dream, oil on canvas by Oscar Martinez

Oil on canvas, 10" x 30"
Benjamin Murphy
July 2012

Untitled No. 13, oil on canvas by Benjamin Murphy

photograph by Matt Reoch
June 2012

Alcatraz 339, photograph by Matt Reoch

cibachrome by Wendy Bednarz
February 2012

Man Over Ganges, cibachrome by Wendy Bednarz

Oil and acrylic on canvas, 20" x 20"
David Nakabayashi
December 2011

Winterstate: Better Betty; oil and acrylic on canvas by David Nakabayashi

Oil and acrylic on paper, 30 cm x 20 cm
Merlin Flower
October 2011

Discover, oil and acrylic on paper by Merlin Flower

Mixed media, 14" x 10"
Suzanne Sbarge
September 2011

All-Seeing (Woman with Yellow Bird), mixed media image by Suzanne Sbarge

photograph by Lisa Head
July 2011

Laci, photo by Lisa Head

photograph by Cristine McConnell
June 2011

Window Spider, photo by Cristine McConnell

photograph by Anita Boyke
April 2011

In Memoriam #12, photograph by Anita Boyke

Woodblock on handmade kozo with pulp paint, 14" x 11"
Joseph Lappie
January 2011

Anna, Woodblock on handmade kozo with pulp paint

gouache and black oil pastel on cardboard by Julie Dru
December 2010

Balkan Horse, gouache and black oil pastel on cardboard

oil on wood by Brian Willard
September 2010

Renunciation, oil on wood by Brian Willard

acrylic on wood by Lily Vose-O'Neal
July 2010

untitled acrylic on wood

photographs by Peter Konerko
May 2010

Three faces

Three Faces is part of a larger project I am curently involved with: FACITY. This website is dedicated to capturing faces from cities around the world. The limitations set upon each photographer are very specific: partial headshot, no makeup, no jewelry, neutral face/no expression, no visible clothing, natural indoor light, normal lens, f/2.8, and simple white background. For more, see http://www.facity.com.

two photographs by Robert Kotchen
April 2010

Lake Michigan, 1

This photo of Lake Michigan, seen from Milwaukee, was made with a camera mounted on a tripod. The shutter speed was (I'm guessing) one-sixtieth of a second, fast enough to record the slight swells in the water and define the breaking edge of a wave near the shore, slow enough so that the movement of the wave blurs that breaking edge.

Lake Michigan, 2

Without moving the camera, this second photo was made with an exposure closer to two minutes.

collage by Paula Dawn Lietz
March 2010


photographs by Linda Farwell
January 2010


a film by Julian Goldberger
December 2009

Production still from Hirokazu Kosaka

oil on canvas by Ellen Wixted
November 2009

Office Interior

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