Chantel Tattoli
May 2011

Camouflage ]
Us “higher cribbing” the toniest zoological hides. Prints
by Natural Selection, or
form following function to trick bug as stick, good-to-eat as unapproachable.
In camo
we make war, we make
a fashionable statement, which is so plain-vanilla funny...........................
  because the point was supposed...................... be unobtrusive, to pastel-like.
Not to cause a scene.
Zarape ]
Rough Mexican blanket.
Lime stratum.
Then hot pink then
Where the silver. The gold?
The varyingly blue sky or could be ocean.
fuzzed against each other like Rothko's bright bands of color.
Paisley ]
A heady pattern, of toothy raindrops
and discursive tendrils. Which
which may look to you like
microorganisms illustrated in
science textbooks—imagine
can you
just one mote of a cell, but oh a whole round world.
(about the evil pod shapes with
mazing vines
you follow           and follow
until you're dizzied)
are easy.
John Lennon had a Rolls
painted in paisley
(Royce yes Royce).
He was about London
when an old woman saw him and
berated him with her umbrella. “You swine,
you swine!” she called. How dare he.
That car was a
sign of British nobility. It really
miffed the old gal
to see that prime automobile
become psychedelic.

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