Sarah Elizabeth Marrs & Kate Lu

Kate Lu is a New York–born writer who now lives in Virginia. She has recently been published in the anthology Defying Gravity (Paycock Press), and we’re excited to feature “Circuits,” a short story that tells the tale of Bobby, an android who discovers humanity comes with a substantial price tag. For this artist spotlight, we asked Kate about writing, robots, and the meaning of life. We hope you enjoy “Circuits,” and Kate, as much as we do.

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In which is related an interview with Nathan Vogt by William Sidney Parker treating upon their decades-long argument and in which they did not get grumpy. This time.

SID: I just don't like Dylan. Let's just, let’s just put it like that. I don't like Dylan.

NATHAN: Ok, so, so you’re just

SID: And it’s not

NATHAN: so you’re just

SID: and it’s not

NATHAN: so you’re just laying it down. You're just throwing down the gauntlet.

SID: Right. But.

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