On reading excerpts from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Biographia Literaria printed in the Fifth Edition of The Norton Anthology of English Literature, quoting directly at the beginning of what may be one of the hottest weeks of the year Posted by Robert Kotchen July 17, 2011

Who has not a thousand times seen snow fall on water? Who has not watched it with a new feeling from the time that he has read Burns' comparison of sensual pleasure

To snow that falls upon a river
A moment white—then gone forever!


On reading an article in The New York Times, an adjective Posted by Robert Kotchen January 8, 2011

In an article in today's paper by John Branch about the unusual situation of the Seattle Seahawks making the playoffs with a losing record—"the only thing worse than their defense (ranked 27th among the league's 32 teams) is their offense (28th)"—and the emerging groundswell of support for the team—"among fans, the most endearing transformation has been the contagious notion of hope"—Branch quotes a Seattle resident who works in the "hilltop Queen Anne neighborhood."

Normally the adjective "hilltop" used in that context would mean very little to me, but I remember walking up that hill a couple times...


On walking outside my apartment this morning, an observation Posted by Robert Kotchen December 4, 2010



On thinking about what it is that should be said on the About page of this website to describe who we are and what the Labletter is, lines diverging from the diverging text Posted by Robert Kotchen July 19, 2010


to place ourselves small-ly in a largely world
to become like a drop of rain that is a drop
instead of an idea of a storm that is not


we become real when we connect
because alone, we do not exist


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