About this blog Posted by The Labletter June 1, 2010

Most categories in this blog refer to a series of posts made by a specific editor. A description of each of the categories is as follows:

Letters from the editors: Letters written by the editors in their editorial capacities.

Dispatches: Doug Sadler's short reports that combine his observations of his immediate environment with thoughts about those observations.

Mullover: A collection of Sid Parker's critical ruminations.

Occasional Notes: Things that get Robert Kotchen's attention, often while he's working on something else.

Over And Out: Eliot Houser's discussions about and presentations of songs he's working on in various stages of their development.

Video: Video pieces found on the web by Julian Goldberger.

Woodcuttingfool: Woodcuts with accompanying stories by contributing artist Loren Kantor.

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