Anna Marie (revisited) Posted by Eliot Houser February 15, 2011

Attached is a later version of Anna Marie. The last file I uploaded was a barebones guitar/vocal arrangement. This next rough draft features an upright bass (played by Mark Miller) and drums (played by Dave Harrison). Both cats played beautifully and very naturally to the original accoustic guitar that I recorded to a click. The interplay between the instruments feels organic and not forced. Sometimes, when the rhythm section is recorded after the fact, the outcome doesn't groove or doesn't sound organic. That is not the case here. I especially love the Ringo-esque entrance on the toms halfway through the first verse and the way the bass does double time on the last verse.

Also featured is an out-of-tune electric guitar that I played without much thought and some surprisingly-in-tune chimes that the wind played with even less thought. These wind chimes hang outside the backdoor of my studio and on the night that we were recording the bass and drums the wind was really blowing. When you listen to the middle section you can hear the howling and gusting. It seems lonely and beautiful and I love the effect it has on the song. You can hear the wind chimes all by themselves at the end of the song.

At this point, all I really need to do is re-sing the vocal and mix it. Maybe I'll replace that out-of-tune guitar too, but these days I feel less concerned about making sure everything is in perfect tune. Getting the vibe and personality are more important. I'll keep you posted.

Over and out from Nashville,


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