2nd Rocker Posted by Eliot Houser December 15, 2010

This tune is another rocker Rick and I came up with last week. Again, no lyrics but at least a solid working arrangement. An inkling of this song was first visited back in October when Rick was banging away on an accoustic and me on a Wurlitzer. As I am wont to do, I was recording the idea onto my iPhone, which has become indispensable to me for capturing ideas in the moment. I literally have hundreds of such ideas on my phone, most of which I have yet to listen back to.

So, last week, I knew we had some things that we had captured on my phone, so I went sifting through all the stuff that I recorded back in October and found something we wanted to flesh out. So I picked up the electric again and started playing the parts. Next I came up with a new part because I thought the arrangement needed more interest and somewhere else to go. This is the part that begins and ends the song and might very well be the chorus. Again, I recorded the electric to a click track and then Rick immediately laid down the drums afterwards. The reason we don't record our parts together during these sessions is that it is faster to do them separately, especially when the arrangement is still in flux. However, once a song has an established arrangement and lyrics, I much prefer to record together as a band.

The next post will hopefully feature a working draft of lyrics which will do the moniker 'Dumb Rock' proud...

Over and out from Nashville...


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