Anna Marie Posted by Eliot Houser December 11, 2010

I thought I might send some work in progress that will demonstrate how I go about composing and producing. This could be posted on the website and as I bring the songs to completion, I could send audio updates with an accompanying aesthetic rationale for my decisions.

This first song, Anna Marie, is a song I wrote about 5 years ago, but forgot about. I have reworked the arrangement a little bit and just recorded it this past week. Right now it is just accoustic guitar and vocals, but the way I hear it in my head, I could either make a grand statement by adding piano, upright bass, and strings, or I could make it a little more eclectic and intimate by adding bass, accordion, and percussion. The next update should reveal which way I go.

This song is the most romantic song I've ever written. It incorporates the idea of earthly love in a spiritual context that makes the tangible ethereal. So, from a production standpoint, it needs a light and unobtrusive touch.

More heavy-handed songs to follow.


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