2014 coverCover image derived from Befitting, painting by Erica Elan Ciganek  
Design by Meggan Kehrli  

C. R. Resetarits Collage Work: Hemingway, Marion, Martha, Me
Susan White Crazy Legs
Kate Lu Circuits
James Fowler Sinkhole
Erica Elan Ciganek Befitting
  Leslie II
  Just One
Leonora Weissmann Dentro da Floresta
  Autorretrato com Theo e a Gruta
  Stela, Perto da Floresta
  Marta e a Gruta
Kouta Sasai Homage to the spirits of the war dead I
  Homage to the spirits of the war dead II
  One from the lost decades
  Nine untitled images
Brett Eberhardt Red Plate (after Lopez)
  Blue Baseboard
  Blue Table
  Vent and Dining Room Floor
M. E. Silverman Mud Angel
Sandy Fontana Perigee
  A Certain Age
Holly Simonsen Spring held out her arms / and two were salty
  Basin and Range
  Shots Fire, Waterfowl Season, Deep Haze
  Bonneville, Winter
  Chinese Calligraphy, Character One, Horizon
Donna Vorreyer Reconsidering Your Eulogy
  The Attraction of Opposites
  From Far Away, He Answers
  The Running Away
Sayda Trujillo Listening: Soundscapes from Palestine

I’ve faked a lot of things in my life—knowledge, orgasms, heterosexuality, fidelity, interest—and the pretense has felt like swallowing dry leaves. But there is one thing I have derived nothing but joy from faking: clogging.

—opening of Susan White's “Crazy Legs”



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