2011 coverCover image by Diana Horowitz; design by Guy Hundere  

Lucia Mauro A Critic on Criticism...and Its New (and
  Uncertain) Landscape
Daniel Pearlman Canine Virtues
Rolli Chimpanions
Sam Bornstein Polyseme
  Aggregate Map
  Aggregate Map
Diana Horowitz New Jersey from the World Trade Center
  New York Harbor and Ellis Island
  East River and Bridges
Kyle Staver Hammock
  Reading the Observer
  Feeding the Cockatoo
Scott Williams Ground Level
  The Plant
  Frost Street (from Chance Locations series)
Theron Patterson Portfolio
Amanda René Interlude
Carol Berg The Apple Speaks
  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr. Standing in the Atlantic Ocean with Tesla's
Allison Campbell A Long Time Up Hard Mountain
James Cihlar Undercurrent
Flower Conroy In the Wolf's Den Gentlemen's Club
Ricky Garni Stubby's Lounge
  The Waiter Offered To
Lois Marie Harrod Among School Children
Jane Knechtel Apparition
Mira Martin-Parker My Lovely
Joseph D. Reich A Flat Right Off The Hudson In Sleepy
Monique Roussel The Contender
Michael Salcman Touch
  Mending Line
Barry Spacks Defining Eros
Guy Traiber The New York Times—Articles Selected for
Laura Madeline Wiseman First Contact
  Martian Food
Hank Bunker Futon Dialogues

How we want to believe
that experiences
contain lessons,

that a past event
dictates the present,
which encrypts the future.

—from James Cihlar's “Undercurrent”



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