2012 coverCover image by Marc Ouellette; design by Meggan Kehrli  

Catherine Grow Geese
Miriam Jordan This Is Where Your Name Comes From
Jenna Kuiper Stack
  Self-portrait in my element
  [untitled painting]
David Nakabayashi Winterstate: Snow Angel
  Winterstate: Better Betty
  Winterstate: Grain Elevator
  Winterstate: Power Plant
Jennifer Nehrbass Emerald Lake
  Across From the Prison Beside the Great Lake
  Serving Lucinda
  Tasting Juniper
Marc Ouellette LAX
Julian Goldberger, portfolio Chinese Street Opera: A dispatch from
Cristine McConnell, portfolio My House Spiders
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr. Blackrock Dive Tower
Thomas J. Erickson My Nausicaa
David M. Harris Hinda and the Leonids
Heather Holliger Methuselah
Mary Merriam Beginning to Dance
Hal O'Leary A Vow
Zara Raab Ties That Bind
Peter Serchuk One Page
Laura L. Snyder Sturgeon
Alexander N. Tan Jr., MD Stains
Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson Home in Usk
  The First Night
Kim Weild, Donnie Mather; interview What If It's a Canvas?

A Vow

will be
a silk scarf
thrown lightly about
the shoulders lest it stifle thee

—Hal O'Leary

Suzanne Sbarge, PAINTINGS
Kim Weild, THEATRE


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