2010 coverCover image by Joey Fagan; design by Guy Hundere  

Nathan Vogt, interview Dylan's Voice
Tom Bentley Unmarked Highway
Benjy Caplan Mysteries in Chantilly
Mishael Coggeshall-Burr V'lisu
  Flower Field
  Flower Wagon
Lily Vose O'Neal [three untitled paintings]
Ellen Wixted New Cell Phone
  Office Interior
Rachel Youens Construction 1
  Mojacar Evening
  Still Life with Laurel
Joey Fagan, portfolio Requiem for Kodachrome
Hugh Wilson, portfolio Horseman
Eric Arnold All-black dalmation
  Air in the leaves and branches
Christopher Mulrooney a flock of crows
  the stew pot
Peter Nash Sanctuary
Rolli Bev (of the Selfish Same Hills)
Robin Tung Thank You, Mrs. ——
Changming Yuan S. E. W. N.
  Beyond the Blue
Courtney Angermeier Were You There?
Elizabeth Roth from River People
Kim Weild, interview A Path to Directing

You prepare, prepare, prepare, and then you go into the room and listen and see and respond. I feel that way about my life and my teaching and my directing. You prepare, prepare, prepare, and then you show up. Consistently. Even when it is insanely hard and you want to go in the opposite direction.

—Kim Weild, from “A Path to Directing”


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