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Katharine Noon Elektra: Scene 8
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S.J. Dupré Richard/Puddle Budapest 2008
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Nadya Tkachenko Watermelon Baby
Sue Dahlkamp Aurora Borealis, Dymond Lake
Linda Farwell [two photos]
Peter Nash What is the Sound of Little Yellow Birds?
  Sitting Under a Green Leaf Maple

Recently I observed in the workshops for the new adaptation of Clytemnestra that everyone in the room (the actors, the director) was chipping away at a moment of the play which has to do with Clytemnestra sending Orestes away. After tackling the moment a few different ways, it became clear to everyone that the audience didn't need to see the scene play out between mother and son, but that it was necessary to see the moment she decides to send him away and his reaction in the aftermath; and that seeing the actual moment of expulsion play out in real time would never be as satisfying as the scene we would imagine. In fact, the Clytemnestra we were creating would not send him away herself, but have someone else do it. This is when the process works. When the ensemble collectively knows how best to tell the story.

—Mark Seldis, on the Ghost Road Company's ensemble process


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