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THE LABLETTER IS AN ANNUAL MAGAZINE of art and literature that has its roots in the Oregon Lab, the name given to a group of artists and their annual gathering—Oregon because the first two years we met in Oregon, and Lab because the gathering was intended as a place where artists could experiment with their work. One of the tenets of the group and a component of that experimentation was that artists who work in different disciplines could benefit by working together.

The Labletter was first published in 1998 as a way for people in the Lab to stay in contact outside the context of the actual gathering—a way to share work when we weren't together, a letter to stay in touch. In 2008, we made the decision to make the Labletter a public magazine. A number of people who had participated in the Lab became editors, and submissions were solicited from a much wider audience. The first public edition was published in 2009.

Several things are important: that the Labletter retain some of the intimacy that values the source of where the work comes from, that it present a quality of work that makes it relevant and engaging, and that it has the possibility of connecting with people across a wide range of disciplines and with a wide range of interests, artistic and otherwise.

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Dan Robb, Poetry

Julian Goldberger, Photography

Robert Kotchen, Poetry, Monthly Notes

Sarah Marrs, Fiction

Tim Lowly, Guest Editor, Paintings & Drawings

Trace Turville, Theatre

William Sidney Parker, Essay


Eliot Houser, Jukebox

Susan Dupré, SNAP (Interviews with artists)


Meggan Kehrli


Emily Rapport, Paintings, 2013

Marion Kryczka, Paintings, 2013

Kim Weild, Theatre, 2012

Suzanne Sbarge, Paintings, 2012

Rachel Youens, Paintings & Prints, 2011

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